Orpheon Consort

Freiberg (Sachsen), June, 2003

In a smaller formation, Castle of Kemsegg, June, 2008

Concerto grosso

Concertos by Bach, Vivaldi, Corelli, Telemann, Handel, including some very seldom heard concertos for viola da gamba, viola d' amore and lute. (15-25 musicians)

Concertos for Viola da gamba and orchestra: Telemann and Tartini

Concertos for Viola da gamba and orchestra: Johann Gottlieb Graun and Ludwig Christian Hesse (German version)

Virtuoso Concerts for one viola da gamba and chamber orchestra. (10 - 15 musicians)

Felix Austria

The splendid musical heritage of the Austrian Court during the reigns of Leopold I (1640-1705) to Joseph II: Sonatas, concerti grossi and vocal works by Biber, Muffat, Legrenzi, Fux, Bononcini, Attilio Ariosti, Marc' Antonio Ziani. (8 musicians)

Messiah in Dresden and Freiberg (Saxony), January, 2004

Orpheon Consort

Steffisburg (Thun, Schweiz), November, 2003

Die Steffisburger Chronik

The Freiberg Chronik

Joseph Haydn: The Creation

Poster for Haydn's Creation, Switzerland

Poster for Händel's Israel in Egypt, Switzerland

Orpheon Orchestra in Switzerland, June, 2001

Händel: Israel in Egypt, Rheinau (Switzerland), June, 2001

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