The following luthiers have copied, restored or built instruments in the collection
(list not complete, by any means):

Antonino Airenti (I)

Harry Caraballo (CH)

Pavel Cely (CZ)

Roberto Coll (E)

Thomas Gerbeth (A)

Roland Houël (F)

Nupi Jenner (A)

Zoltan Kodaj (A)

Joseph Moreau (B)

Carlos Moreno (E)

Joseph Peknik (USA)

John Pringle (GB/USA)

Marcel Richters (A)

Sergei Rinsoz (CH)

Matje Sipos (SK)

Jan Stejskal (CZ)

Peter Vavrous (CZ)

Walter Waidosch (D)

Scott Wallace (A)

Simone Zopf (A)

See also: Prominent visitors to the collection

updated 07.02.2009