Exhibitions of the Orpheon Foundation
The Vazquez Collection of Historical String Instruments
Violins, Violas da gamba, Viola d'amore, Violoncellos, Double Basses
from 1500 to 1789

The Orpheon exhibitions: a photographic panorama

La Baule, France, December, 2006

Eglise La Baule
Eglise La Baule

Instruments of the Times of Mozart

viola da gamba Joachim Tielke
Viola da gamba by Joachim Tielke, Hamburg, 1683
Violone of 5 strings by Johann Geor Thir, Vienna, 1750

violin Testore, Albanus, Schorn viola da gamba Guersan violad'amore Leidolff
Violins by Carlo Testore,
Matthias Albanus, Johann Schorn
Viola da gamba pardessus by Louis Guersan
Viola d'amore by Johann Chr. Leidolff

violone violin viola Johann Georg Thir

Instruments by Johann Geor Thir, Vienna, middle of the 18th C.
violin, viola, violone of 5 strings

viola da gamba by Nikolas Leidolff, Vienna, 1695 violin Leidolff, Stadlmann, viola Thir
Viola da gamba by Nikolas Leidolff,
Vienna, 1695
Violins by Johann Cr. Leidolff and Johann Joseph Stadlmann
Viola by Mathias Thir

baryton, violoncello, viola

Large violoncello by Anton Posch, Vienna, ca. 1700
Viola by Johann Christoph Leidolff, 1719
Baryton after Simon Schodler (1782) built by
Ferdinand Wilhelm Jaura, Munich, 1934

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