Exhibitions of the Orpheon Foundation
The Vazquez Collection of Historical String Instruments
Violins, Violas da gamba, Viola d'amore, Violoncellos, Double Basses
from 1500 to 1789
The Orpheon exhibitions: a photographic panorama

Baroque Museum Salzburg
September 20 - November 4, 2007

This exhibition is generously supported by a grant of the European Union,
Culture-2000, Mozart-Call: Project description

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Violins by Nicolò Amati and an anonymous Brescian maker
Violones by Johann Georg Thir and Jan U. Eberle

Baryton by Jaura, Violoncello by Anton Posch

Two Viennese violoncelli of the 18th C.: Stadlmann and Thir

Oil painting by Roger de la Haye, five-string violin by Joachim Tielcke
Treble viola da gamba by L. Maussiell, transverse flute

Viola by Nikolaus Leidolff, and violins by Johann Christopher Leidolff

Pardessus de viole and quinton by Luis Guersan, Paris, ca. 1740

Pardessus and quinton by Louis Guersan, Paris, ca, 1740

String Quartett of the times of Mozart and Haydn
Part of the Collection of Historical Bows

Trio Sonata of the Baroque
Two violins and violoncello
Part of the Collection of Historical Bows

Chest of Viols: English violas da gamba of the 17th C. by
William Turner, John Collingwood

Italian viols from the 16th and 17th Century:
Bass violas da gamba by Ventura Linarolo, Giovanni Paolo Maggini and Gianbattista Grancino.
Tenor viola da gamba by Gasparo da Salò
Treble violas da gamba by Giovanni Balla Bugger (Mantova, 1630) und Anonymous 16th C.

Italian violins by Carlo Giuseppe Testore, Marchi and others

The first concert of the series:
Johann Sebastian and Carl Philipp Emmanuel

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