Dear friends,

An instrument of particular importance - a viola da gamba of the 17th C. - will now be purchased for the collection. Please, help finance this instrument by sending this message on to all of your musician friends!

NOTE: These instruments have outstanding tonal characteristics, are remarkably easy to play (proper set-up) and would under normal circumstances not be considered for sale. This is an exception. The instruments would satisfy the requirements of a professional musician for his entire playing life.


1. Viola, Milano, 17th C. in modern condition, with London certificate

2. Violin, Milano, Grancino-School, ca. 1700, in modern condition, with London certificate

3. Violin by Lavazza, Milano, ca. 1700 (Dendrochronology: 1678, 1679), in modern condition, with London certificate

4. Violin, Johann Georg Thir, 1754, in modern condition: € 15.000 (suitable for professional playing)

5. Violin, Partl, 1748, in modern condition: € 8.000 (suitable for professional playing)

6. Violin, Tyrol, ca. 1700, beautiful red varnish, Baroque set-up, € 7000

7. Violin, Johann Michael Willer, 1770 - very close to a Jakob Stainer! Modern condition, may be built back to Baroque. € 10.000

8. Violin, Giuseppe Gaffino, Paris, 1743 in PERFECT ORIGINAL CONDITION!  € 15,000

9. Violin, Aeguidius I Kloz, Mittenwald, 1717, in either modern or Baroque set-up, € 15.000

11. Violin, Aeguidius II Kloz, Mittenwald, 1774, in either modern or Baroque set-up, € 20.000

12. Viola, Joseph Anton Laske, 1787, 42.2 cm, estraordinary sound.  € 25.000

13. Violin, Médard School, Lyon, ca. 1730

14. Violoncello, Johann Georg Thir, 1775,  in original condition of ca. 1780-1800!  € 15.000

15. VIOLONCELLO, Pacherel-School, Turino, ca. 1830, in modern condition.
Montagnana-model, excellent als solo instrument

16. Violoncello, Johann Christoph Leidolff, Vienna, 1745; splendid wood, suitable for a soloist.

17. Viola, German, 18th C. Beautiful golden-yellow varnish, great sound:

Other violins, violas, violoncelli of the 17th and 18th C. in modern condition and in Baroque set-up are being sold at the moment. Just ask!

VIOLAS DA GAMBA: modern copies after Colichon (7 strings) and Henry Jaye (6 strings) also available. Ask for details.

Modern violas da gamba - basses:

The instruments may be seen in various locations in Europe: Vienna, Madrid, Paris, London, Amsterdam. Not all of these instruments will be sold; only until the purchase PRICE of the viola da gamba is covered...

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University for Music Vienna
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